About Us

Bizconsultants was founded by myself Carl Edmeades during the course of 1998. Our range of diverse services are all integrated and have a direct correlation to the experiences of my life journey. These experiences, being both traumatic and liberating, have guided me in a direction that would inevitability change my life. Typically I am an assertive straight forward person; I regard authenticity and congruency as two of the most fundamental catalysts of my signature presence. Personal ethics is an important ground rule for my framework, because personal ethics is a reflection of an individual’s character. Character is made up of those principles and values that give you direction, meaning and depth. These in my view constitute your inner sense of what is right and wrong, based not on the values of laws of conduct but on who you are. My choices of values include that of integrity, honesty, fairness and generosity. Our life map is made up of the choices we make, and the choices we make determine the experiences which determine our path in life.

Life is a constant journey, throughout the journey we gain experience and acquire knowledge. If we only constantly mirror and reflect  our experiences and have a true awareness within ourselves, it is in my view that this planet we live on would be a more loving and caring environment.

My motto “Dream about tomorrow, remember yesterday and look forward to today”.

Kenilworth Office